AI Accuracy, Delivered.

Improve LLM accuracy by 50% or more to power exceptional customer experiences

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Scale human perspective 1000x

Build fine-tuned models that mimic human review accuracy

using synthetic data

Domain specific review

Get started with as few as 25 labeled examples to customize AutoFeedback for your domain or subjective use case (demo | docs)

Monitor & Alert on LLM quality

Run AutoFeedback on production traffic to measure accuracy estimates and get notified when accuracy dips below specified thresholds

Improve accuracy

Enhance your LLM application's accuracy with optimized prompts and models. AutoFeedback helps curate datasets to feed a variety of fine-tuning and reinforcement learning techniques

Powering generative AI applications at the most innovative companies

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“Log10 is a critical part of our stack – we could not have scaled LLM accuracy without them.”

Alexander Kvamme

CEO of Echo AI

"Log10 gives us the confidence to rapidly iterate and improve our Financial Analyst copilot"

Michael Struwig

Head of AI at OpenBB

Any use-case. Any LLM.

Monitor and improve accuracy with a single line of code

Teams get started, for free!

We’re providing developers with one of the most generous starter plans in the industry today


Everything teams need to get started with monitoring and improving the accuracy of their LLM applications.

Free features:

  • Up to 1 million requests (logs & feedback)
  • Basic metrics
  • Playground & debugger
  • Prompt Engineering Copilot (basic)
  • Collaboration
  • Support
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Advanced features, custom models, and dedicated support for companies that require AI accuracy at scale and at the right cost for your company.

Everything from Free, plus:

  • Unlimited requests per month
  • Accuracy monitoring
  • Prompt Engineering Copilot (pro)
  • AutoFeedback
  • Model optimization
  • Self hosting
  • Advanced support
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Meet the founders

We're passionate about AI and are committed to its safe, reliable & productive use

  • Arjun Bansal

    Arjun Bansal

    CEO & Co-founder

    Arjun's career spans research in brain-machine interfaces, building AI processors and AI sidekicks. He previously co-founded Nervana Systems (acq. Intel for $408M) and XOKind (an AI travel agent startup). He was a VP for AI Software & Research at Intel where he launched and led several open source AI projects and enterprise engagements.

  • Niklas Nielsen

    Niklas Nielsen

    CTO & Co-founder

    Nik was most recently Head of Product at MosaicML (acq. Databricks for $1.3B). Prior to that he worked at Intel and Mesosphere on building Distributed Systems deployed at large scale at companies such as Twitter and Apple, and at Adobe on the Virtual Machines and Compilers team. He co-founded CustomerDB, a startup applying AI to product management.

Backed by investors with deep expertise in AI, dev tools and infra

We have raised $7.2m from Quiet Capital, TQ Ventures and Essence Venture Capital, as well as angels including founders or CEOs of dbt Labs, MosaicML, Modal, Okta, AngelList, Crusoe Cloud, Echo AI, Blue River, Sonatic, d2iq, Crux &


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